The 7 benefits of having a relaxing massage in Las Terrenas

What is massage?


Massage is a total body treatment that is beneficial no matter what type of massage it is. In my case I do relaxing massage, deep tissue and abdominal massage maya (which is to release stagnant emotions in the abdomen).

The massage that I have more demand is the relaxing massage, this is achieved by using the hands gently on the skin, following the contours of the muscles of the body. During this type of treatment the whole body is massaged. The relaxation massage should not produce any pain; in fact, it should be a very pleasant and stress-free experience. It is a treatment designed to relax and soothe, not to relieve chronic pain or other conditions.


7 Benefits of a relaxation massage


  • 1.Reducing stress: Massage can help reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone that is released in response to stress, in the body. This can help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood.


  • 2.Improving circulation: Massage can help increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and tissues in the body, which can help promote healing and reduce inflammation.


  • 3.Relieving pain: Massage can help relieve tension and soreness in the muscles, which can be especially beneficial for people who experience chronic pain.


  • 4.Improving flexibility and range of motion: Massage can help improve flexibility and range of motion in the joints, which can be especially beneficial for athletes or people who have been inactive for long periods of time.


  • 5.Boosting immune function: Massage can help stimulate the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, which can help fight off illness and disease.


  • 6.Improving sleep: Massage can help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, which can be especially beneficial for people who struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders.


  • 7.Enhancing overall well-being: Massage can help promote a sense of well-being and improve overall mood, which can lead to improved quality of life.

How to book your relaxed massage with me ?


You can send me directlty a whatsapp message to this number: +1 829 629 9676

I will do my best to answer as quick as possible and organize your appointement. If my schedule can not fit with your time, no worries, i can recommand you someone from my massage Team in Las Terrenas.





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